“Enhancing Your Own Natural Beauty”


Advanced Facials using (DNA) &  (Cell Biologique) products

This can be used as a standalone treatment or alongside peels, needling, dermaplaning and facials.  

  15-30 minutes on its ownor add on to another treatment ,  10-15 mins .

Effects and benefits of treatment:    

Brightening, skin renewal.  Closing large pores and treating broken veins.

Eliminate bacteria on and in the skin that can cause or is causing acne and breakouts.

Calming if the skin if it is irritated or inflamed.  Great for sensitive skin.

Takes redness down after needling and peel treatments.  Improves pigmentation, erythema, Rosacea.

Balance oil in the skin good for cellulite and after body treatments.

Great for active acne and acne scaring.  The best light for stretch mark fading and healing.

The light cycle of all colours   for clients who have a mix of skin needs and would benefit from several LED colours.  Great for pigmentation, tender skin after treatments or deeper skin healing such as wounds.

LED can be used weekly to monthly and is also effective for one off treatment


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