Semi Permanent Makeup

This treatment is great for cancer patients, alopecia, over plucked eyebrows, allergies to makeup, people short of time, swimmers, menopause hot flushes, contact lens wearers – the benefits are endless! Anyone who would like to wake up with makeup! Lesley Andrews Aesthetics is fully qualified and insured.

Looking beautiful has never been easier, if you want to look good without spending the time, Lesley Andrews Aesthetics can help.

Semi Permanent Makeup is also known as SPMU, Medical Tattooing, Permanent Cosmetics or Micro Pigmentation.

A consultation will take place where we can patch test you and chat about the look that you would like to achieve, this will give you the opportunity of asking any questions.

You will have the first treatment and then four to six weeks later you will have the re-touch. Aftercare advice will be given at both of your appointments. This is a very safe, simple treatment that gives you the results you’ve always wanted.

Lesley Andrews Aesthetics offers Semi Permanent Makeup within easy distance of Bournemouth, Ferndown, Christchurch, Verwood, New Forest, Salisbury & Southampton. Call for details, or read on for details on how it applies to eyebrows, eyeliner and lip-line.

Here’s some feedback from a client:

“In 2015 I was investigating semi permanent make-up and decided I would have my eyebrows tattooed. Initially I was a bit worried, but I need not have worried Lesley explained the complete procedure and took me through the actual process step by step. A great result which I was very pleased with, lifted my face and I received many compliments. In 2017 I had touch up done. Still Very pleased. I also decided to undergo Meso therapy because I have suffered with acne and rosacea throughout my life. After 2 treatments the scarring I have has reduced and my skin has a new brightness. Thanks Lesley. Dawn”

Eyebrow details | Eyeliner details | Lipliner details

Semi Permanent Makeup Sarisbury Green


Do you like the idea of waking up with your brows already on? Alopecia, Chemotherapy, over plucked eyebrows, underactive thyroid – these are a few of the things that can cause sparse or no eyebrows. If this is you, then look no further, we can help you!
If you are someone that hates drawing on your eyebrows every day, swims or sunbathes, uses the gym, or is allergic to makeup, we can help you!

Hair Stroke Brows

This technique is to mimic natural hairs, pigment is implanted just under the skin to create a natural defined looking brow. Hair strokes will appear darker straight after procedure, but will fade to a more natural colour during the healing process, 4-6 weeks later you will have a Re touch where we go over the same hair strokes that we put in prior and add anymore, we can tweak colour and shape if we need to, again they will appear darker and then fade to the desired colour once the healing process has taken place. You will then be left with your WOW brows!

Powdered Brow

This is a much more solid brow, hair strokes are planted much closer together so that they migrate and become a more solid powdered brow.

You will come in for a consultation, where we will go through a few questions to make sure you are suitable for semi-permanent makeup, discuss what you would like to achieve, a patch test will take place, we can discuss shape, colour and any questions you may have, if you would like to go ahead we will take a small deposit to hold your next appointment for you where we will carry out your semi-permanent tattoo, this treatment is a 3 stage process, consultation, 1st treatment, re touch.

Combination Brow

Hair strokes and powdered


Dark at the bottom of the brow, getting lighter towards the top

Correction / Removal

We offer a correction and removal service. Please ask for details.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Southampton


Throw away your eyeliner pencil, you won’t have to draw your pencil on anymore – semi-permanent tattoo is the way forward if you are a frequent swimmer, exercise a lot, are allergic to pencil, suffer with watery eye syndrome, or are short of time, then this treatment is for you. You can have top lid or bottom lid or both done. We can choose a colour that suits you – you can even have a different colour on the top to the bottom if you wish. If your eyes are small, we can just put the bottom line half way across, which widens the eye. Like in the picture below.

semi permanent makeup eyeliner by LA Beauty near Southampton
Semi Permanent Eyeliner Southampton
Semi Permanent Eyeliner Southampton
Semi Permanent Eyeliner Southampton

Lip line & Blush

This is ideal for ladies who are short of time, or can’t keep their lipstick on, this defines the lips and gives the appearance of plumping up the lips, you choose the colour anything from almost nude to bright pink, orange etc, at consultation bring your lipsticks with you to give us an idea of what you normally wear, this treatment isn’t ideal for people who suffer with cold sores, herpes complex.


After completing a day learning First Aid and using legal numbing creams, this makes each treatment far more effective – each area will hold its colour much better and the treatment will keep pain, if any, to a minimum. Any redness or swelling will be kept to a minimum or none.

Semi Permanent Makeup within easy distance of Bournemouth, Ferndown, Christchurch, Verwood, New Forest, Salisbury & Southampton.

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